Scania trains women to drive trucks and buses in Accra

Scania trains women to drive trucks and buses in Accra

Ladybird Logistics was featured as part of Scania’s campaigns “Women moving the city” and “Women moving trucks”, in this short documentary video. The aim of the project is to reduce the gender gap in Ghana’s transport industry. Nearly 100 women have trained to become bus or truck drivers in the capital Accra.

Scania West Africa is playing a leading role in inspiring this change. The company is working with the Greater Accra Transport Executive (GAPTE) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to boost the number of woman drivers in the city’s public transport system.

Ladybird Logistics, as a new company that only employs female drivers, collaborated and purchased Scania trucks for the “Women moving trucks” project.

“Since this was going to be the first female truck driver training, the Scania team in West Africa, or in Ghana were willing to support us with the training”, says Payin Marfo, Ladybird Logistics’ Managing Director.

You can watch a documentary video online on the Scania website by clicking here.