Ladybird Logistics increases drivers to 35 with graduation of third batch

Ladybird Logistics increases drivers to 35 with graduation of third batch

Driven by its core values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork and the empowerment of women, Ladybird Logistics has completed another cycle of its intensive recruitment and training programme. This culminated in the graduation of its third batch of women oil haulers in December 2019 at The Palms by Eagles Hotel in Takoradi.

Since commencing operations in 2018, Ladybird logistics has set the pace in providing the best quality service with its first-of-a-kind model of recruiting a full team of women drivers. Previously numbering 21 drivers, the company has now grown to 35 professional, vibrant and high-skilled drivers.

The graduation of these new recruits further strengthens the company’s goal to provide more opportunities for women in a male-dominated industry. The new recruits will go on to add to the company’s already stellar reputation by handling some of the country’s state-of-the-art heavy-duty vehicles and adding on to the over 70,000kms driven without lost time injury by their colleagues.

Commenting on the latest addition to Ladybird’s workforce, Managing Director Payin Marfo said, “Congratulations to our 14 new drivers who graduated on 13th December 2019. You have made it through a fast and furious course in which you accomplished something monumental that a lot of people consider doing, yet only few follow through with.”

She added, “We welcome you warmly into our family of professional truck drivers and encourage you to keep focused on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, which we have no doubt you will surmount. We want you to be ready for action and want to see you become successful road warriors, conquering and navigating the many roadblocks that sidetrack many; going on to become prosperous and happy in your pursuit of this rewarding career.”

The Ladybird drivers training programme was implemented in partnership with Scania West Africa, WATA (West African Transportation Academy) and the Ghanaian Armed Forces Mechanical Transport School (AFMTS). The new drivers were all awarded certificates at the graduation ceremony and encouraged to seize every opportunity with diligence and determination.


“Women, like men. Should try to do the impossible. and when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others”
– Amelia Earhart

“There is no tool for empowerment more effective than the empowerment of women”
– Kofi Annan

“The empowered woman is powered beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”
– Steve Maraboli