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The undeniable and core development benefit of the project is to empower women.

Ladybird Logistics is an ALL LADY Drivers logistics company operating from Takoradi in Ghana. We promote local ownership and accountability.

Ladybird promotes a local workforce, local ownership and local accountability

Our corporate culture and operational values are steeped in the belief that indigenous African businesses can compete with global international companies. We believe that, Ghanaian companies should be able to benefit from local assets, in promoting a local workforce, local ownership and local accountability. In realizing, together with our clients, that not enough women are employed in the trucking industry or in industrial sectors as a whole, we have made a concerted effort to change the narrative around what a woman is supposed to do and what she is capable of. This is critical as women are often key breadwinners in their families, and there is absolutely no reason women should be excluded from these industrial sectors. We believe that empowered women can bring transformational change to society.

Ladybird Logistics was established with the following goals:

To operate a state-of-the-art fleet in terms of performance, safety and environmental impact, with a focus on aluminium opposed to steel bulks. To have only women drivers, to help empower women to venture into male dominated industries especially in the industrial logistics space.

We use new, safe and reliable trucks with state of the art technology.

Operations Team and Drivers

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We commenced operations in October 2018

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Women truck drivers trained and employed

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km driven without LTI (Lost Time Injury)

Ladybird Truck Fleet

Committed to operational excellence

Ladybird will track and be accountable for every litre of fuel it loads and delivers. This will ensure no potential leakage, diversion or theft of the fuel. Stolen fuel in the end only increases fuel prices for end consumers, as fuel retailers need to compensate for losses in its final price. By committing to zero losses, Ladybird will help deliver value for consumers.

Stopping loss however has two elements. One being the correct equipment to protect the fuel, and the second is removing any incentives for drivers to potentially divert fuel. Ladybird is committed to offering sustainable job conditions and compensation, so all staff are joint in the commitment towards zero losses.

Safety is absolutely paramount

A secondary benefit is safety and environmental protection. The latest equipment is being procured in terms of safety and fuel efficiency. Safety is absolutely paramount as any incident can have significant negative impact. Safety at Ladybird is further enhanced by a holistic, regular training program and monitoring of the trucks as well as the drivers’ performance. For example, the braking of the truck and fuel consumption is measured to make sure drivers are driving in an efficient and safe manner.

Ladybird is committed to offering sustainable job conditions and compensation, so all staff are joint in the commitment towards zero losses.

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