Our Team

We are a professional team that values safety and integrity.

Ladybird is committed to delivering excellence. We employ passionate and hard working men and women and train them to be the best.

Our operations team

Nelson Fordjour Oppong, Operations & HSE Manager

Nelson Fordjour Oppong

Operations & HSE Manager

Joined Ladybird in August 2020 with over 4 years working experience in the Petroleum Industry. Calm, meticulous and results-driven, he is responsible for the overall transport operations and HSE at Ladybird.

Gloria Asiedua Ewurama Amoako, HR & Admin Operations Supervisor

Gloria Asiedua Ewurama Amoako

HR & Admin Operations Supervisor

Joined Ladybird in August 2019. Over 3 years of working experience in customer service and administration. Calm, confident and results-driven, she is responsible for operations admin and the effective management of our driver workforce and employee development.

Abigail Dzormeku, Finance Officer

Abigail Dzormeku

Finance Officer

Joined Ladybird in September 2018. Meticulous, dependable and composed, she is responsible for finance and accounting at Ladybird.

Emmanuel Nartey, Training and Technical Supervisor

Emmanuel Nartey

Training and Technical Supervisor

Joined Ladybird in September 2018. An ex-soldier and previously a training instructor with the Ghana Armed Forces Mechanical Transport School (AFMTS). Has over 8 years working experience as a mechanic and driver. Diligent and extremely committed, he is responsible for all technical training and projects.

Samuel Antwi, Depot Assistant

Samuel Antwi

Depot Assistant

Joined Ladybird in September 2018. Hardworking and loyal, he is responsible for the loading and discharge of products at both loading and discharge depots.

Nancy Bosoma Yeboah, Maintenance Planner

Nancy Bosoma Yeboah

Maintenance Planner

Joined ladybird in January 2020. A Computer Science professional with over 5 years working experience in customer service, data analysis, maintenance planning etc. Meticulous and analytical, she is responsible for planned maintenance scheduling and maintenance reports.

Nii Amugi Sampson, Logistics & HSE Officer

Nii Amugi Sampson

Logistics & HSE Officer

Joined ladybird in October 2018. Diligent, dedicated and confident Mechanical Engineer. He is responsible for developing and implementing a schedule for drivers and the fleet. Monitors and maximizes the utilization of our fleet safely.

Emmanuel Asare, Dispatcher

Emmanuel Asare


Joined Ladybird in June 2019. Proactive, self-started and results driven, he is responsible for optimizing the loading schedule at the various depots and organizing the movement of the ladybird fleet safely.

Augustine Ayittey, Maintenance Supervisor

Augustine Ayittey

Maintenance Supervisor

Joined Ladybird in May 2020. Calm and dedicated mechanical engineer with a focus on regulatory compliance. Over 10 years mechanical and technical experience, he supervises and manages Ladybird’s planned fleet maintenance.

Maxwell Mensah, Maintenance Technician

Maxwell Mensah

Maintenance Technician

Joined Ladybird in June 2019. Self -motivated, hard-working and results-driven. He is currently responsible for daily inspection of the ladybird fleet and supports with all planned preventative maintenance activities.

Frank Sowah, Maintenance Technician

Frank Sowah

Maintenance Technician

Joined ladybird in January 2020. Calm, resourceful and open-minded. Over 7 years working experience in auto electrics, he is responsible for truck breakdown and Ladybird fleet inspection whilst performing diagnostic electrical tests and repairs on vehicles.

Prince Kobea Antwi, Maintenance Technician

Prince Kobea Antwi

Maintenance Technician

Joined Ladybird in August 2020. With over 10 years experience in auto electrical engineering. Hardworking, confident and excellent team player, he is responsible for daily truck inspection of the Ladybird fleet and supports with all planned preventative maintenance activities.

Richard Owusu Yeboah, Operations & HSE Manager

Richard Owusu Yeboah

Maintenance Technician

Joined Ladybird in June 2020 with over 5 years experience in mechanical engineering. Hardworking, thorough and insightful, he is responsible for daily inspection of the Ladybird fleet and supports with all planned preventative maintenance activities.

Michael Lord Amihere, Tire Technician

Michael Lord Amihere

Tire Technician

Joined ladybird in February 2020. Gentle and reliable tire technician with over 4 years working experience. He is responsible for Ladybird tire management, documentation and fixing of all tire related problems.

Prince Quarshie, Tire Technician Assistant

Prince Quarshie

Tire Technician Assistant

Joined Ladybird in March 2020. Meticulous, industrious and proactive. With over 5 years working experience in tire servicing, he conducts daily tire pressure checks and assists with tire repairs.

Jacobson Daneba, Tire Technician Assistant

Jacobson Daneba

Tire Technician Assistant

Joined Ladybird in June 2020 with over 3 years experience in tire servicing. Calm, responsive and hardworking, he is responsible for conducting daily tire pressure checks and also assists with tire repairs.

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Female truck drivers trained and employed

Meet our dedicated drivers

Abigail Adu, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Abigail Adu

Joined May 2018

Abigail Asumadu-Amoah, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Abigail Asumadu-Amoah

Joined May 2018

Comfort Aidoo, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Comfort Aidoo

Joined May 2018

Esther Ofori, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Esther Ofori

Joined May 2018

Eyram Sedor, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Eyram Sedor

Joined May 2018

Gifty Aba Yorke, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Gifty Aba Yorke

Joined May 2018

Henrietta Nartey, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Henrietta Nartey

Joined May 2018

Joyce Kwakyewaa, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Joyce Kwakyewaa

Joined May 2018

Mercy Ayepah, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Mercy Ayepah

Joined May 2018

Vivian Otoo, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Vivian Otoo

Joined May 2018

Edith Asarewaa, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Edith Asarewaa

Joined August 2018

Ellen Agyyeiwaa, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Ellen Agyyeiwaa

Joined August 2018

Florence Mensah, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Florence Mensah

Joined August 2018

Ida Bado, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Ida Bado

Joined August 2018

Janet Adu, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Janet Adu

Joined August 2018

Jessica Dei-Tutu, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Jessica Dei-Tutu

Joined August 2018

Josephine Agyedah, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Josephine Agyedah

Joined August 2018

Rita Twenewaa, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Rita Twenewaa

Joined August 2018

Sophia Amamoo, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Sophia Amamoo

Joined August 2018

Vida Dery, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Vida Dery

Joined August 2018

Adelaide Larkai, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Adelaide Larkai

Joined May 2019

Amira Nana Abigail Agyemah, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Amira Nana Abigail Agyemah

Joined May 2019

Balkisu Mary Kugoramo, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Balkisu Mary Kugoramo

Joined May 2019

Belinda Barrend-Annan, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Belinda Barrend-Annan

Joined May 2019

Constance Nana Nyaniba Engmann, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Constance Nana Nyaniba Engmann

Joined May 2019

Ernestina Dede Fynn, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Ernestina Dede Fynn

Joined May 2019

Grace Worname, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Grace Worname

Joined May 2019

Mabel Sefa Tefe, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Mabel Sefa Tefe

Joined May 2019

Mary Brown, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Mary Brown

Joined May 2019

Rabiatu Ahmed, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Rabiatu Ahmed

Joined May 2019

Rejoice Atitsogbey Boafo, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Rejoice Atitsogbey Boafo

Joined May 2019

Samira Suleman, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Samira Suleman

Joined May 2019

Sylvia Odoom, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Sylvia Odoom

Joined May 2019

Victoria Ama Safo, Ladybird Logistics Driver

Victoria Ama Safo

Joined May 2019

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